Corporate Histories - Services



A history ...

  • Tells a good story
  • Shows who you are
  • Defines your roots
  • Highlights your culture and ethos
  • Reinforces your reputation
  • Captures people's interest
  • Preserves memories before they are lost
  • Brings people together.

A well-told and well-produced history can be an ambassador for your organisation, with a 'shelf life' well beyond an immediate anniversary, and …

  • Promotes your organisation's character and culture
  • Unites different parts of a growing organisation
  • Reinforces people's pride and enthusiasm
  • Recognises the contribution of key individuals, gives them a voice and enhances their sense of belonging.

I have written and produced histories for family businesses, public companies and professional institutions, schools, colleges and universities, as well as several biographies.


Experian plc - producing a history of Experian, created from a merger of different business on either side of the Atlantic, helped employees to understand how the company's heritage shaped its values.

Portakabin - a 50th anniversary history, one of a series of histories for the family-owned Shepherd Group, which led to a biography of Portakabin's founder, Donald Shepherd.

Volac - two histories were produced for this family business, a limited edition acting as 'a company bible', covering the life and legacy of the founder, and a more concise celebration of Volac's 50th anniversary for wider circulation.

Leeds Trinity University - a 50th anniversary history to promote one of the newest universities.

Manchester Grammar School - a well-received 500th anniversary of one of the country's oldest schools.



Step one is talking to you about what sort of history you want and preparing a brief that meets your requirements. 

Step two is carrying out the research, using your own archives, external sources and interviews with key people.

Step three is preparing a synopsis for your approval.

Step four is writing the text for your approval.

Step five is discussing with you how would like your history produced. The options encompass an unpublished but definitive record for your archives which can be regularly updated, publications ranging from simple booklets to dust-jacketed hard-back books, in quantities from 100 to more than 5,000, and e-books. To complement these options, I can also organise the production of a short commemorative film.


From inception to publication, I can manage the complete project, including:

  • agreement of initial brief
  • research and interviews
  • preparation of synopsis
  • writing
  • preparation of text for publication, including copy editing, indexing, and selection/research of illustrations
  • management of publication process

My aim is to produce a quality product for an agreed price accompanied by a high level of personal service. You approve every stage to ensure your expectations are met.


Time depends on length, sources and deadlines. A worthwhile history can be produced quickly but it is best to plan well in advance. Fees are agreed at the outset and paid in stages. Expenses are agreed with you.

Your organisation has a story worth telling...