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Agriculture Processing and Manufacturing

Against the Grain – The Story of I'Anson Brothers Ltd From 1900 to 2020 [2021]
'The book has been well received wherever it has been received, thanks again.'
Chris I'Anson, Chairman

Banking, Insurance & Finance

Cover Story – The Bartlett Group 1940-2015 [2015]
'There have been many complimentary comments on the book. I have enjoyed working with you and am grateful for your support and guidance in bringing this project to a conclusion.
Michael Bartlett, Chairman

Experian – Experian, the story so far ... [2012]
‘What a huge success the history book has been at Experian. I must confess to having some doubts about the broad appeal of the book, but I underestimated the big thirst for knowledge about the company’s roots and how we came to be. I’ve had a lot of personal comments too about how well-written and engaging the book has been. I think you told the story with such elegance, and got under the skin of the business to such an extent that people who were around recognise themselves and their times in the narrative.’
Nadia Ridout-Jamieson, Director of Investor Relations & Communications

The Story of Watsons [Watson Wyatt] [2003]
‘I thought you would like to know that The Story of Watsons has given much pleasure!’
Paul Thornton, Senior Partner


Robin Chichester-Clark – A Passionate Moderate [2020]
'Sometimes great events come along which sweep away all before them including the dreams of individuals. Nigel Watson's fascinating biography of Robin Chichester-Clark gives a profound insight into 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland and the decline of the Ulster Unionist Party. It is also the story of a promising politician whose career was dashed by these events.'
Norman Lamont

'I read the wonderful book about Robin barely without putting it down, it was so fascinating, so readable, so very good. I thought it was perfectly judged and balanced, and as clear about the complications of Northern Ireland as it is possible to be.'
Ariane Banks, writer, editor and critic

Donald Shepherd – The Man Who Invented Portakabin [2018]
‘Thank you so much for writing such a marvellous record of my father’s life.’
Jane Robertson, Donald Shepherd’s daughter

Arnold Ziff – The Making of a Great Yorkshireman [2005]
‘Books that deal with the practice of [property] development are rare, and this is one to cherish.’
Review, Property Week, August 2006

Business Services

The Business of Adding Value – A Short History of Christie Group [2004]
‘I am pleased to say that our book has met with wide acclaim, with many letters of appreciation received.’
David Rugg, Chief Executive

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Bradford Chemists' Alliance - Seventy Five Years [1991]
'We have had many of our customers compliment us on the 75 Years book.'
A J Garlick, General Manager

Construction & Plant 

Any Old Iron – F J Church & Sons: A History by Jenny Jones [2018]
‘The books look wonderful!  … it looks lovely, and the photos have come out even better than I hoped.  Well done!’
Jenny Jones, author

Wernick Group – 80 Years of the Wernick Group [2014]
‘I would like to thank you for producing a superb record of our first 80 years of trading. Everyone who has read it so far is amazed at the quality and content of the book. Definitely worth all the effort that you have put in.’
David Wernick, Chairman

Ridgeons – A 100-Year Journey [2010]
‘We are thrilled with the book and we have received many complimentary comments from staff already.’
Anne Ridgeon, Chairman

With Respect – The Story of the Watkin Jones Group [2011]
‘Thank you so much, we are both delighted. I am sure there will be a great response when we start to distribute the book.’
Glyn and Jenny Watkin Jones

Portakabin – 50 Years of Delivering Quality [2011]
‘Books have arrived. They look great and have been well-received – well done! It was a pleasure to work with you.’
David Shaw, Marketing Director

How Now - And Then [1997]
'We wish you to know how very much we appreciate your sterling work on "How Now - And Then" - you certainly brought our history to life!'
Peter How, Chairman, How Group PLC

60 Years of Plant Experience – The Story of the Selwood Group 1946-2006 [2006]
‘I am very pleased to say that your book has been very well received, with us only hearing positive comments. It has been praised on numerous occasions for its quality.’
Peter Manley, Marketing Manager


The Sky's The Limit [1997]
'I am writing to let you know that we are absolutely delighted with the result. I congratulate you on the way in which you have condensed all the material and have produced such a readable text. As a result it is a book which meets our objectives and which we will be proud to circulate.'
Jerome O'Hea, Chairman, Colt Group Ltd

Food & Drinks

Butler's Farmhouse Cheeses [unpublished 2019]
'I've really enjoyed reading this, thank you for capturing it and writing it in an interesting way to read.'
Gill Hall

It's Incredible ... The Story of the Kerfoot Group [2015]
'Very many thanks for producing the book. It has taken a lot longer than anticipated but the end result is excellent. Your effort is much appreciated.'
David Kerfoot, Chairman

The History of Glenmorangie [unpublished 2002]
‘It is very informative and will help the company to remember the past for future reference.’
David Macdonald, Chairman

The Taste of the Lake District – The Story of Jennings Brothers PLC [2003]
‘Thank you very much for all your work in carrying out this project and producing an excellent result.’
Mark Hodgson, Company Secretary


Gibsons Games [2019]
'It makes fascinating reading and thank you for doing such a wonderful job for us.'
Michael Gibson


The Celestial Glass Bottle Company - A Short Centenary History of Lax & Shaw Ltd. 1891-1991 [1991]
'Whilst returning to London by train I did have an opportunity to thoroughly read your excellent short history of Lax & Shaw which was very well written and of great interest. Congratulations and thank you for this recording of our company.'
Garry H. Weston, Chairman, Associated British Foods plc, parent company of Lax & Shaw


Nicholson Graham & Jones – The Story of a Law Firm in the City of London [2009]
‘Thank you … for the extraordinary institutional biography of NGJ.  A remarkable work.’
Peter Kalis, Chairman and Global Managing Partner, K&L Gates

‘I want to thank you for all that you have achieved with the book. When we started this, I was not sure how it would go; or indeed whether the whole story was interesting enough to make a decent read. All my concerns are laid to rest by your excellent work; you really have captured the firm in its various guises and the fascinating people who have worked here.’
Michael Johns, former Managing Partner

‘I want to congratulate you on a very well written book, which I much enjoyed. The book is always interesting and you have covered the lack of detailed information, particularly in the early years, with an excellent treatment of the historical context. … It is tremendously difficult to capture the ethos and style of an organisation, particularly one which has lasted so long and changed so much, but I do feel that you got to the heart of the [firm] in which I have been involved for the last 40 years.’
Michael Jacobs, former partner


From Paper to Polythene – 150 Years in Packaging – Roberts Mart & Co Ltd 1852-2002 [2002]
‘Our book has been very well received.’
John Roberts, Chairman


150 - Celebrating 150 Years of the North of England Protecting & Indemnity Association [2010]
‘At long last we have released the corporate history, a copy of which is enclosed; hopefully, it does justice to your excellent text. Thanks again for all your help with this venture.’
Peter Crichton, former Joint Managing Director

Lloyd’s Register – 250 Years of Service [2010]
‘The book has been very well-received by absolutely everyone ... Everyone seems to be bowled over by it, which is interesting and gladdening, because as you probably realised our technical staff, by the very nature of what they have to do, ie find fault, are not usually easily pleased!’
Barbara Jones, Managing Editor

Marine science and technology: changing the world [2015]
'I have now had time to read most of the book – which can best be described as a superb publication. You are to be congratulated on a succinct and beautifully written volume which covers so much on naval architecture and shipbuilding. It is bound to become recommended reading for all students of maritime technology.'
Fred Walker, maritime historian

The Bibby Line 1807-1990 [1990]
'I am very pleased with the way the History has turned out. You are to be congratulated for your part in it.'
Sir Derek Bibby, Chairman, Bibby Line Group

Time & Tide Wait for No Man - George Hammond PLC 1767-1992 [1992]
'We are all delighted with the outcome....and would like to thank you for all the time and trouble you took in producing this volume and I personally very much enjoyed working with you.'
David Ryeland, Chairman

Around the Coast and Across the Seas – The Story of James Fisher & Sons [2000]
‘Overall this is a good attempt at satisfying three markets: the firm itself, the enthusiasts and the academics.’
Review, Journal of Transport History, March 2001

Sunderland Marine – The First 125 Years [2007]
‘Many thanks for all your hard work and dedication in achieving such an excellent finished product.’
Geoff Parkinson, Chief Executive

Through Tides and Time – The Story of John Good & Sons Ltd [2008]
‘It is a beautiful little tribute to the life and labours of the Good family.’
Professor W R Mead, University College, London

 The Port of London Authority – A Century of Service 1909-2009 [2009]
‘Looking back at the end of our Centenary year, the book is a much praised and admired publication. Thank you for your hard work on it.’
Alistair Gale, Director of Corporate Affairs

Paper, Packaging, Printing & Ink

The Last Mill On The Esk - 150 Years of Papermaking:
William Sommerville & Son plc 1837-1987 [1987]
'It is a splendid piece of social and industrial history of the paper trade in Scotland and the valley of the North Esk in particular.'
C G Wallace, past chairman

Timsons - A Centenary History [1996]
'Having read the history, I would like to convey to the directors my personal appreciation as an historian. It is very well written and attractively presented. So often, company histories are of little interest except to those who have been or are connected with a company. In your case, the story should appeal to a much wider audience and will, I am sure, be much appreciated by many who have had business dealings with Timsons over the years.'
Dr D Nuttall, National Printing Heritage Trust

The Dane Group of Companies [2000]
‘I am personally delighted and very grateful to you for all the work and effort which you have put in to this publication.’
Christopher Dane, Chairman

The Story of Smith & Ouzman – A Family Printing Business [2006]
‘Thank you for an excellent read!’
Phil Ouzman, Joint Managing Director

Road Transport & Distribution

United - A Short History 1912-1987 [1987]
'We are well pleased with the book and I think you are likely to have enquiries from other interested companies as a result.'
Stuart Senior, Managing Director

Excellence by Caring - The Continuing Story of Silcock Express [1991]
'I am pleased to say that I am writing what amounts to an "unsolicited testimonial". The book has gone down very well with both our people in the company and externally - in fact we have been supplying copies on request. People talk about the easy style in which it is written; the interest of the story; the quality of the pictures and of the overall image of the book. I would like to thank you for your contribution and for working so well with us during its production.'
Bernard Holmes, Chairman, Silcock Express

L W Cole (Distributors) Ltd - A History of the Company and its Founder [1995]
'We are very pleased with the final result and thank you once again for writing it.'
Angela Skinner, Director, L W Cole (Distributors) Ltd

The Story of Christian Salvesen 1846-1996 [1996]
'I was very impressed with how quickly you grasped what is a far from easy story and how well you presented it.'
Chris Masters, Chief Executive


The Story of St Anthony’s [2018]
‘The book has been very popular with those who have purchased it and I have had lots of positive comments.’
Sarah Anderson, great-grand-daughter of the founder and current bursar of the school

The Royal Grammar School, Guildford – An Illustrated History [2018]
‘It has more than achieved what we were hoping for and presents the RGS in a way which really captures the essence and spirit of the School while also providing a fascinating, anecdotal, insightful commentary on the School’s history within the context of education nationally … the comments have been universally positive so thank you.  Your perceptive understanding and feel for the RGS, your good humour and positivity all shine through in the text and it was an absolute pleasure working with you.’
Jimmy Pressley, Senior Master

St Albans School – Born Not For Ourselves [2014]
‘I’m delighted with the book and everyone who has seen it is impressed.’
Andrew Grant, Headmaster

Arnold House School – Our House, Our School [2013]
‘I have heard nothing but complimentary things said about it from all quarters – it really is a great skill to be able to capture the essence of a school over more than a century; but you did it!’
Vivian Thomas, Headmaster

Independent Spirit – Two Hundred Years of Caterham School [2011]
‘I have a copy of the book on my desk – it looks fantastic. It was quite something opening it for the first time. Julian [Thomas, headmaster] has seen it too and is delighted.’
David Clark, Assistant Headmaster

Bronte House - The First Fifty Years 1934-1984 [1984]
'The almost Herculean task of compiling it could not have been undertaken by anyone but a professional. Nigel Watson, in his first venture of this kind, has proved himself to be just that, and we are indebted to him.'
Foster Watson, Master-in-Charge

St Dunstan's College - A Centenary History 1888-1988 [1988]
'Comment on the book has been very favourable indeed. You have scored a success!'
Dr. David Clark, Head of History

In Hortis Reginae - A History of Queenswood School 1894-1994 [1994]
'The book is published! and I did want to write and thank you for the marvellous job you did and tell you how pleased we are with the final result.'
Audrey Butler, Headmistress

Latymer Upper School - A History of the School and its Foundation [1995]
'You will be pleased to know that praise is pouring in!'
Chris Diggory, Headmaster, Latymer Upper School, Hammersmith

With Wings As Eagles – The Story of Aiglon College [1999]
‘Many congratulations on a splendidly readable, balanced and interesting account.’
Richard McDonald, Headmaster

North London Collegiate School - And Their Works Do Follow Them [2000]
'Nigel Watson, the author, is to be congratulated on making And Their Works Do Follow Them an exciting and worthwhile read.'
Review in Isis magazine, Spring 2001

Five Hundred Years Enduring – A History of Loughborough Grammar School [2000]
‘Thank you for all you have done to produce such a splendid history of Loughborough.’
Paul Fisher, Headmaster

From The Smallest Beginnings – The Story of St Benedict’s School, Ealing [2002]
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the book … All those I know who have read the book, past staff and old boys included, have also loved it.’
Robin Nonhebel, Head of History

The Royal Grammar School, Guildford – An Illustrated History [2004]
‘It provides a compelling narrative that is deserving of much attention … a detailed account that is never dull.’
Review, Conference & Common Room, Summer 2005

Emanuel School – An Illustrated History [2008]
‘Once again, very many thanks. This is going to be a great book.’
Mark Hanley-Browne, Headmaster

An Independent Vision – The Story of Portsmouth Grammar School [2008]
‘It was a great pleasure to receive an early copy of Independent Vision …  I am delighted with the quality of the design and … your skilful and scholarly narrative.’
James Priory, Headmaster

The Family Album – A Portrait of St George’s College, Weybridge [2008]
‘I wanted to write to tell you just how well the book has gone down with all aspects of the College community. We are very pleased with it and I wanted to thank you, once more, for such a superb job.’
Joe Peake, Headmaster

Badminton School – The First 150 Years [2008]
‘I think it is an excellent book – well written, well illustrated and full of insights.’
Clifford Gould, former headmaster


The Story of The Howarth Timber Group 1840-2015 [2015]
'The books are really good and have been very well received. Once again thank you for all your hard work in producing them. It has been greatly appreciated.'
Andrew Howarth, Joint Managing Director

The Story of The Howarth Timber Group 1840-1990 [1990]
'I am delighted with the outcome. I have received nothing but glowing reports and comments from my employees and customers. Once again thank you for all your hard work and effort you gave to make it the success it is.'
Andrew Howarth, Joint Managing Director

The Roots of BSW Timber plc [1998]
'I would like to place on record my appreciation of an excellent job of work. There are many compliments around on the quality of your writing, it is a great credit to your skill and is a record for future generations to cherish.'
Sandy Brownlie, Chairman

In Their Fathers’ Footsteps – The Story of the James Donaldson Group [2001]
'It has turned out brilliantly and we are all very pleased with the results.'
Neil Donaldson, Chairman


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